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Procreate Masterclass 2021
- Rated 4.8 by 4000+ students

It Took me Three And a Half Years to Master Painting in Procreate … In This Course, I Will Teach You All I Know in 13 Hours!

Procreate Masterclass 2021

by Freya Kotchakorn

Master Procreate painting with the only digital painting Masterclass that takes you step-by-step from a beginner to a Pro illustrator who’s able to make a living with their digital work.

Transform your digital art from scribbles that you fear sharing with other people to jaw-dropping paintings big clients are itching to pay for!

Want to grasp the theory of digital art and master Procreate to be able to create illustrations like the ones below without anyone guiding you? It’s easier than you think!

The illustrations below are made by students who enrolled in my Masterclass. Instead of trying to “sell” you a course by showcasing my work, I’d rather show you what you’ll be able to do after just 13 hours of in-depth lectures. 

Many of my students had little or no experience in any kind of drawing. However, some of them aren’t even done with the course yet and their work is already being noticed by brand owners willing to pay for it. 

Just imagine, what was once just a hobby can now help you pay your bills. All for a much lower price than what you pay for a set of decent drawing and painting supplies.

"Handing in the homework. Please advise me if there’s any needs of improvement. I’m still not confident with how I picked the color for light and shadow, I’m not sure if it’s too dark or too bright."
Job Jab
"Handing in the homework. I stuck with the light stage quite a while, I painted and removed over and over until I was satisfied."
Gail Gailvalin, Bangkok
"Here’s my cherries teacher Freya. I’ve learned a lot about how to use each brush type in each situation in this chapter. Please comment on my work."
Wassana Ardam, Bangkok
"Handing in my homework.🍓🍓🍓 The strawberry seeds 🤪 so detail! 😅 Thank you for the coloring technique! Now I understand more about how to put lighting by properly layering the right color."
Nipaporn Srisawang, Bangkok
"Handing in the homework. Anywhere I need to improve? I feel like my strokes aren’t fine enough, any suggestion?"
Panporn Liewtiwong, Bangkok
"Handing in the homework. I love the technique that helps shorten the time when creating pollen, very genius!"
Passakorn Dumrongpanich, Bangkok
"Handing in the homework. Thank you teacher Freya for teaching me about how to use the opposite color. I can now adjust this technique with my other works! 😳😳😳"
Pornpan Srithunyarat, Bangkok
"Handing in the homework. I just knew that the smudge tool is more useful than I thought. Thank you for teaching me this technique. 🥰"
Nisa Sritalar, Bangkok
"Handing in the homework to teacher Freya. I did work so hard for this rose. Please suggest if I need to put more shadow? I’m not confident when I have to put darker color."
Porntip Kamsawad, Bangkok
"Here is my Monstera, handing in the homework. I tried leaving some paint strokes but not sure if they are beautiful? Please suggest."
Yuwadee Ariyakhajorn, Bangkok
Rungthip P.
"I rarely send homework. But I decided to show this one. Please check it Freya.. Thank you"
"Sending in my portrait"

I use Procreate to create illustrations for brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and Sephora. Now I want to teach you everything I know!

In my fifteen years of working as a professional illustrator I’ve acquired quite a few techniques and tricks that elevated my art and helped me land some of the biggest brands in their industries as my clients. 

I’ve actually become so proficient at it that I’m now teaching hundreds of other aspiring artists, such as yourself, and speaking at events in Apple stores. And I know exactly what it takes to go from beginner to Pro level artist. 

Giving a speech at the iPad Drawing event in Apple Store
Client work for Amaffi, Kate Spade NY and Tiffany & Co.

Filled with a bunch of “insider” knowledge, this course will sky-rocket your digital painting skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner with no experience in drawing. Start a professional journey, do it as a side hustle, or learn to paint eye-catching digital paintings as a hobby.

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As a full-time illustrator, Procreate has changed the way I work

Above all else, every illustrator loves working with their hands and pen and paper. I spent hours on perfecting my techniques on paper while attending the University of Arts. And while nothing beats the feeling of drawing on a piece of paper, it is also awfully time-consuming and somehow expensive.  

After you finish your illustration by hand, you then have to scan it and die cut the artwork, which can take as long as it took you to paint it. And if we’re being honest … the digitalized result just never looks as good as the original. With Procreate, when you’re done, you’re done!

In addition to that, making mistakes has never been less stressful. Just hit that undo button and try again. No nasty erasers wrinkling your paper and making a mess of your artwork. 

The level of detail Procreate offers is insane. You can zoom in or out to add the highlights that will set your art apart from the others. 

Shirt pattern collection design I made for Chamniii©.
Patterns for Surreal© brand.

MUCH faster, more detailed … and affordable!

A set of decent brushes, watercolors, and some quality paper can set you back $200 or even more. Add a high-detail scanner and a quality computer with software capable of precisely die cutting your “analog” work … And before you know it, you’ve spent way over $1000 before you even started painting. 

And what’s even worse … brushes get worn-out and watercolors don’t come in endless supplies. So every once in a while, you have to splurge out another couple $100 just to be able to paint again. In Procreate, everything is just a few clicks away. 

When I did my paintings and illustrations by hand, I always had to have a dedicated working space large enough to take up half of my room. Since I started using Procreate, all I need is my iPad and an Apple Pencil. 

With no painting accessories, no computer, no separate drawing pad and no scanner, you can work anywhere you want to. Time spent commuting on public transport could instead be spent working on your art. Fancy a day at the park? Bring your iPad and squeeze in some painting.

The level of detail Procreate offers in insane - highlights will set your art apart from the others. 
The thing I love the most about Procreate is being able to paint wherever, whenever.

Your ultimate guide to becoming an independent digital artist

It doesn't matter if you’re a complete beginner with zero experience in drawing, or a seasoned illustrator. We’ll start slowly with the basics and move onto more complex principles. You’ll not only learn how to follow the tutorial, but also unlock a whole new way of getting the image you see in your head onto a piece of paper … or rather your iPad’s screen. 

To achieve that, we will not only deep-dive into details like which brushes to use and when, you’ll also master various painting techniques, understand the principles of shading and light and get to know the Procreate app inside out.

What really sets a digital artist apart from the rest is superior knowledge of art theory, paired with the ability to use their medium of choice to produce artwork to its fullest potential.

With over 13 hours of in-depth video content, this Masterclass is on average 5 TIMES longer than most of the other courses. In over 80 lessons, you will:

  • Learn how to set-up your digital workspace
  • Learn how to use the main tools and features Procreate offers
  • Learn how to select appropriate brushes that suit your drawing and your style
  • Practice the stroke pressure and improve your drawing technique
  • Learn about light and shading
  • Learn secret shortcuts that allow you to work even faster and in more detail 
  • Uncover tips and tricks you only stumble upon after using Procreate for a long time 
  • Learn how to do time-lapse videos of drawings
  • Learn how to import files and export final results

Each video lecture is equipped with timestamps marking the most important chapters. Missed something? No rewinding, no jumping up and down the timeline - just click on a checkpoint in the lesson you want to revise.

Get over 80 detailed video lessons for just $499 $149*
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Add to my order for $499 $149*
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All theory and no drawing makes you … well, not a good illustrator

Over the course of my professional career, I’ve realized over and over again that the saying “practice makes perfect” couldn’t be more true. Imagine learning to swim … in your living room. Once you hit the water, you’d probably drown within minutes.

And since painting of any kind demands certain training of your muscle memory to master the various painting techniques, one thing is more than obvious: more practice equals faster improvement. There’s also no better way to really grasp the theory and put your new-found knowledge to use than actually drawing.

That’s why I added 17 practical exercises throughout the course of this Masterclass that demand utilizing everything you’ve learned so far. And hey, besides the 17 opportunities to hone your skills, you also get 17 pieces of your own original artwork, which you can showcase in your portfolio before even starting your digital painting adventure.

You’ll never feel lost or out of place

Before creating this Masterclass, I ran an extensive survey. I asked over 1000 digital art students to list the biggest pain points they experienced when trying out other courses out there. 

“The lecturer is speaking too fast,” “the course is not structured enough,” “just talking and no practice,” “too much follow-along content with no explanation of the tools, shortcuts and brushes,” were some of the most common answers.

I did my best to structure the Masterclass in a way that it would cover everything you need, while avoiding the most common setbacks you would experience following other courses. 

This is why you'll start by building a strong foundation and slowly get to know all the brushes, tools, techniques and shortcuts. Once you've mastered them, you’ll put your knowledge to use in carefully picked exercises.

If you’re like me, you find it extremely overwhelming when the instructor rushes, leaving you feeling lost and frustrated. In my Masterclass, the narration is calm and slow-paced, allowing you to follow without hitting the pause button after every sentence. However, should you feel the need to use some extra time, you can pause the video or replay the checkpoint as you please.

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Sample lessons

Feel free to preview these sample lessons for free :)

Sample lessons

Feel free to preview these sample lessons for free :)

Sample lessons and lessons list

Feel free to preview the sample lessons below for free :)

Lesson list

Click on the module name below to expand the lesson list.
All the lessons are narrated in English language. English subtitles are also available for more clarity and for students with hearing impairment.


Module 1: Intro (3 lessons)


Module 2: Procreate Tools - 1st part (23 lessons)


Module 3: Exercises - Fruits (7 lessons)


Module 4: Exercises - Flowers and Leafs (8 lessons)


Module 5: Procreate tools - 2nd part (21 lessons)


Module 6: Procreate tools - Brush Settings (12 lessons)


Module 6: Procreate 5X (12 lessons)

Lesson list

Click on the module name below to expand the lesson list.
All the lessons are narrated in English language. English subtitles are also available for more clarity and for students with hearing impairment.


Module 1: Intro (3 lessons)


Module 2: Lecture (3 lessons)


Module 3: Exercises - Face (17 lessons)


Module 4: Exercise - Woman portrait  (2 lessons)


Module 5: Exercise - Man portrait (2 lessons)


Module 6: Exercise - Senior woman portrait (2 lessons)


Module 7: Exercise - Senior man portrait (2 lessons)


Module 8: Exercise - Boy portrait (2 lessons)


Module 9: Exercise - Girl portrait (2 lessons)


Module 10: Bonus lessons (6 lessons)

You don’t just get the course!

By enrolling in the Masterclass, you get full lifetime access to over 13 hours of on-demand video you can play on any device with a web browser (including mobile!). Upon completion, you’re granted a special Certificate of Completion, which you can show off in your resume. 

In addition to that, you also join our private Facebook group. In this group you’ll be able to share your work and let me and the other students give you constructive feedback. See the most common mistakes others make and learn how to avoid them yourself. If we learn together, we learn faster.

6 Special Bonuses You Won't Get Anywhere Else

As soon as you enroll in the Masterclass, you get lifetime access to the six FREE bonuses. Use them to speed-up your learning process or gain inspiration for your future Procreate work.

A Set of My 17 Custom Painting Brushes

Once you enroll, you immediately gain access to a set of 17 custom painting brushes that I made and regularly use for my work.

Mega Pack of 24 Flower Stamp Brushes

Want to draw pretty flowers with just one click? Have 24 different flower stamp brushes at your disposal at any time.

Source Files for All Designs in the Course

Want to check out the structure of a design? You get all Procreate source files for every lesson in the course! Use them to learn faster or to get an inspiration for your future work.

Downloadable Colour Swatches

Get colour palettes of all the exercises in the course as downloadable swatches! Feel free to use them for future work or inspiration.

4 Unique Coloring Pages

A great way to relax or get inspired! Unwind with mindless coloring or use the colouring pages to create your own art piece. It is totally up to you!

Of course you could learn it all on your own … but should you?

I’m not saying you can’t learn on your own. But with proper guidance you could do it in half the time (or even faster). Learn from someone who’s already made her fair share of mistakes and found the exact recipe how to get from beginner artist to pro level by following these carefully structued lectures.

Steal my tricks and secrets, and let me help you cut your learning time by leading you step-by-step through the whole process to kickstart your digital painting journey! 

Love digital illustration? Why not make a career or a side gig out of it?

Why not monetize something you love doing and are good at? Imagine getting paid for the time you spend unwinding after a long, stressful day. Sounds like a dream, am I right?

Enroll in my course and get to know the ways to earn money for drawing portraits (and/or other kinds of digital illustrations). Learn how to price your work for clients and follow the included checklist when creating your portfolio to maximize the possibility of landing a job you’d love!

Yes, Enroll Me for $499 $149*
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You risk absolutely nothing!

What happens if you  don’t like the course?

Well, you contact me, ask for a refund and get every single cent returned to your bank account (I'll even eat the credit card processing fees!). No questions asked!

And in order for you to really make sure you like (or don’t like) the course, you have a whopping 30 days to make up your mind. 

Try the course. 30 days is enough time to take the entire course TWICE and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back!

7 Modules, 81 Lessons, 13 Hours of in-depth video lectures

  • Lifetime access to all Masterclass video content*
  • My own set of 17 custom painting brushes
  • A pack of 24 flower stamp brushes
  • Procreate source files for every lecture in the course
  • Downloadable color palettes for every design painted throughout the course
  • 4 colouring pages
  • Access to the private Facebook group

*Narrated by a native speaker in English language. English subtitles are also available for more clarity or for students with hearing impairment.
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Frequently asked questions


What equipment do I need to start the course?


Is this course live or pre-recorded? Do I have to show up on a specific date?


Right now there is a special promotion reducing the price to just $99. How long will this be available? Is there going to be a second chance, if I miss out?


Do I need any extra equipment or some special Procreate brushes?


How long will I be able to access the course, once I enroll?


Do I still get the bonuses even if I enroll at the special discount price?


Can I use the included brushes from the bonuses for commercial work?


Is this course available in any other languages than English?


What happens if I don't like the course? Can I get a refund?

More than 4000 Students Enrolled to Freya's Procreate Courses

Students' Drawings

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