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An iPad artist’s stylish solution for middle finger blisters

If you draw on iPad, you’re probably no stranger to blisters and calluses on your middle finger. Protect your Apple Pen with PenSleeve and enjoy a silky soft grip!

144 brushes: 59$ 29$

Don’t let discomfort kill your inspiration

There’s nothing better than drawing for hours when inspiration strikes. However, when you’re one or two hours in and that blister starts forming on your middle finger, you better wrap things up and take a break.

If you’re an iPad artist, you can probably relate with the issue. Fortunately, I’ve found a stylish solution - PenSleeve by Optishield x!

This minimalist protective sleeve will make the grip heavenly soft, allowing you to draw for hours with no pain or discomfort.

Better grip AND a stylish makeover for your Apple Pencil

The PenSleeve hugs your Apple Pencil and prevents sliding, which provides you with a better grip. Besides being more comfortable than the “naked” Apple Pencil, it also allows for more precision.

Pick among three available colours - graphite grey, sky blue, rosy pink - and style your Pencil in a gorgeous minimalistic two-tone outfit.

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Basic protection

As it covers most of your Apple Pencil, PenSleeve protects it against dust, dirt, accidental drops and even your fidgety nibbling.

It won’t work wonders if it gets into the wrong hands (or paws), but you can rest assured it can withstand your moments of clumsiness and an occasional free fall from your table.

Works just as before

The PenSleeve doesn’t get in the way of the magnetic charging, so you don’t need to take it off your Apple Pencil every time you place it on your iPad to charge. It will attach and charge just as it did before.

The double tap feature works flawlessly as well, so you’ll have no problems switching between the drawing and erasing function of your Apple Pencil.

*The magnetic charging may be affected if you use a cover/case on your iPad.

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Freya's PenSleeve by Optishield x - For 2nd gen. Apple Pen- Graphite Grey


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Freya's PenSleeve by Optishield x -
For 2nd gen. Apple Pen - Sky Blue


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Freya's PenSleeve by Optishield x -
For 2nd gen. Apple pen - Rosy Pink


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3x Freya's PenSleeve by Optishield x -
3-pack - All the colors, 2+1 free!

$66 $44

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Optishield© x collaboration

The one issue almost every digital artist has is blisters on the side of that last middle finger joint. Having counted probably a couple hundred in my career, they began turning into calluses. 

The hard skin just annoys me and over time it doesn’t look pretty. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why I decided to partner up with Optishield©, the same company that helped me bring my other accessories to life.

Needless to say, they listened to my every wish and they delivered the most comfortable Apple Pencil sleeve I’ve tried so far. 

The PenSleeve allows me to draw for hours with no discomfort at all AND it provides an even better grip. 

My team absolutely loves them and they even started an inside joke where they brag about their daily Apple Pencil outfits. 

To be honest, the sleeves are really nice to look at. You can even mix & match the body and top parts if you have them in more than one colour. Plus, you will never lose your “boring” white Pencil again.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Freya Kotchakorn
Illustrator and Procreate lecturer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does it fit any Apple Pencil? Which generation of Apple pencil is it compatible with?


Can I choose the colour, or do I get a random one?


Can I still charge the Pencil by placing it on my iPad or do I have to take the PenSleeve off?


Will the PenSleeve protect my Apple Pencil from serious damage?


Do you ship worldwide? What are the shipping times and rates?


What payment methods do you offer?

Meet Freya, the Brush pack creator

My name is Freya Kotchakorn and I’ve been a professional digital artist for over 15 years. Working with some of the leading brands in their respective fields has gained me quite some know-how that I don’t mind sharing.

In fact, I’ve become so proficient at it, that I’m now teaching hundreds of other aspiring artists such as yourself and presenting at iPad drawing events in Apple stores.

Since a lot of my students find the Procreate basics mini-course super helpful, they also enroll in my Masterclass to take their digital art to the pro level.

Many of them have even come so far as to start working with popular clients as freelancers or employees. 

Talking at the Apple event "Today at Apple" about iPad drawing techniques.
Some of my client collaborations.

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