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144 brushes: 59$ 29$

25 Clothing and Accessories 3D models that work flawlessly in Procreate + a FREE Fabric Texture Brush Set

“If I was a fashion designer…”

Are you crazy about the current fashion? Do you think you could do better if you were a fashion designer?

Well, now you can be. Kind of. You can paint the 3D clothing and accessories models any way you’d like! You can’t adjust the fit or the cut, but you can create and preview your own prints, color blocks and other stylistic features right in your favourite iPad drawing app!

Once you paint the model, you can check it out in AR on your iPad or iPhone and with a little bit of maneuvering, you can actually “try it on”. 

This feature comes especially handy to anyone trying to dabble in fashion design. Or if you just love fashion and want to use your Procreate skills to paint on some clothing and fashion accessories without actually ruining the fabric!

*Prices in US Dollars. Commercial license included. Refunds on 3D Models are not possible.
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Just under $2 per 3D model + 15 FREE fabric texture brushes

You can find some free 3D models on the internet, but once you’ve depleted those resources, you’ll have to buy any additional models. 

Normally, you can buy an individual 3D models for around $5 and up. Here you’re getting 25 models specially modelled for seamless use with the Procreate app for just a little under $2 per model!

Plus, you get a free Fabric Texture Brush Set of 15 brushes that give you even more freedom in expressing your inner fashion designer through your Apple Pencil. With texture brushes like cotton, velvet, wool, and others you’ll be able to bring your 3D models to life!

However, the price is not the only thing standing in your way when trying to find models to paint in Procreate. Finding 3D models that work seamlessly with the app is not a piece of cake. 

If the models aren’t specifically specified as 3D models for Procreate, you might have some issues using them. The UV mapping is usually not configured to be Procreate compatible, so you might face difficulties such as incomplete color fills or messy lines if you try to use any of the Procreate’s painting tools. Even if you do a stellar job painting them, they will just seem a little off when finished. And you don’t want that after spending hours painting the model.

Issues with regular 3D models in Procreate

Since these models were configured specifically for Procreate, they will work flawlessly with the app without any issues!

Get yours by clicking the button below … or use a handy little “hack” to get the whole pack for free! If you enroll in my 3D Painting in Procreate Mastery, you can choose to add the pack to your purchase for free! 🤫

*Prices in US Dollars. Commercial license included. Refunds on 3D Models are not possible.
🎄 NEW: Buy as a Gift
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Showcase of all included 3D Models

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Meet Freya, the Brush pack creator

My name is Freya Kotchakorn and I’ve been a professional digital artist for over 15 years. Working with some of the leading brands in their respective fields has gained me quite some know-how that I don’t mind sharing.

In fact, I’ve become so proficient at it, that I’m now teaching hundreds of other aspiring artists such as yourself and presenting at iPad drawing events in Apple stores.

Since a lot of my students find the Procreate basics mini-course super helpful, they also enroll in my Masterclass to take their digital art to the pro level.

Many of them have even come so far as to start working with popular clients as freelancers or employees. 

Talking at the Apple event "Today at Apple" about iPad drawing techniques.
Some of my client collaborations.

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