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How to Import Brushes to Procreate

Procreate gave us a lot of greater default brushes already included when you buy the app. But sometimes, even those are not enough.

It’s a good thing a lot of artists also make their own brush that can be downloaded, at times even for free!

Now, you might’ve found a nice brush you really liked and you think would look great on the current piece you’re working on. But the thing is, you’re not sure how to put in Procreate.

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about the different ways you can import your shiny new brushes into Procreate.

Importing the brushes to Procreate

Drag and Drop

This first step is pretty simple and makes use of the iPadOS multitasking feature, Split View.

First, open the folder where your files are.

Then, open Procreate in a Split Screen view.

Next, open an old work or a new canvas on Procreate.

Once your work is open, tap on the brush icon to open the Brush Library.

Now go to the other screen and locate your brush file. Tap and hold on to the brush, drag it into your brush files, and wait for the green ‘+’ sign to appear and drop.

To make sure that you’re dropping your brush into the right place, first identify the brush file you’re trying to import. Is it a brush or a brush set?

For brushes, drag and drop them to the (column?) on the right side, the one with the brush illustrations. For brush sets, drag them to the left side where the names of the other brush sets are listed.

Using the Brush Library

Now let’s talk about importing your brushes using Procreate’s Brush Library.

Open an old work or a new canvas on Procreate. Tap on the brush icon to open the Brush Library.

Next, tap on the ‘+’ sign in the upper right corner.

Tap Import.

Then choose the brush or brush set file you’d like to import to Procreate.

Do this a few more times if you have more than one brush file to import.

That's it, you can now use your new brushes!

You can also try rearranging them, maybe even group together the brushes you like the most.

Whichever brush you see online, whether it's free or not, you'll be all set and ready to go by following these steps.

Now the hunt begins for your next favorite brush. It will surely be fun to play around with different brushes! nn

What brushes will you look for next? Let us know 😊


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