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Which States Are Most Obsessed With AI-generated Images?

In an era where artificial intelligence increasingly intersects with creative fields, our study delves into which U.S. states show the greatest interest in AI-generated imagery. Analyzing Google search data, we adjusted the findings to reflect searches per 100,000 residents and uncovered compelling patterns of interest across the nation.

The results highlight Colorado's leading position, with an impressive rate of 964.34 searches per 100,000 residents. Wyoming and Oregon also emerged as frontrunners, with 469.13 and 445.75 searches per 100,000 residents, respectively. 

In stark contrast, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Alabama displayed the least interest, with much lower search rates per 100,000 residents. Despite their high overall search volumes, larger states like California, Texas, and New York found themselves lower in the rankings after this population-based adjustment.

This study offers a unique perspective on how various regions in the U.S. engage with the intersection of AI and art, highlighting regional differences in the adoption and interest in AI-generated imagery.

Key Findings: 

  • Colorado tops the list in AI-generated image interest with 56,680 monthly searches, impressive given its population of 5.88 million, resulting in 964.34 searches per 100,000 residents.
  • Wyoming and Oregon rank 2nd and 3rd, with Wyoming's 2,740 monthly searches standing out for its smaller population of 584,000 (469.13 per 100k) and Oregon registering 18,870 searches among 4.23 million people (445.75 per 100k).
  • At the lower end, Louisiana (8,150 monthly searches, 178.19 per 100k), South Dakota (1,640 searches, 178.39 per 100k), and Alabama (9,490 searches, 185.77 per 100k) show the least interest.
  • Highly populous, Texas ranked 26th, showing a considerably lower per capita search interest (276 per 100k) compared to California at 5th (430 per 100k) and New York at 6th (390 per 100k, illustrating a relative disparity in search interest.
  • States like Colorado and California, known for their vital tech industries, exhibit more significant interest in AI-generated images than states with economies centered around traditional sectors.
  • Similarly, regions with leading academic institutions and a culture inclined towards technology, such as Massachusetts and New York, also demonstrate higher enthusiasm for AI-generated imagery.

States That Are Most Obsessed With AI-generated Images (Infographic)


Ranking US States with the Most Interest in AI-generated images


Top 10 Most Obsessed States With AI-generated Images

#1. Colorado

Colorado, with a population of around 5.88 million leading the pack, has shown immense interest in AI-generated images, evidenced by 56,680 monthly searches and a remarkable 964.34 searches per 100,000 residents. 

This enthusiasm could be attributed to the state's vibrant tech scene in cities like Denver and Boulder and a population keenly interested in technological innovations.

#2. Wyoming

Despite its small population of approximately 584,000, Wyoming ranks high in interest, with 2,740 monthly searches and 469.13 searches per 100,000 residents. This unexpected level of engagement might be due to a growing curiosity and openness towards new tech trends in a state not typically known for a large tech industry.

#3. Oregon

With a population of about 4.23 million, Oregon registers 18,870 monthly searches, translating to 445.75 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's thriving tech industry, especially in the Silicon Forest region, coupled with a creatively inclined populace, could drive this intense interest.

#4. Utah

Utah, home to approximately 3.42 million people, records 15,070 monthly searches and 440.94 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's burgeoning tech sector, particularly in areas around Salt Lake City, and a young, tech-savvy demographic could be key contributors to this high level of interest.

#5. California

With a massive population of nearly 38.97 million, California shows a significant interest in AI imagery, evidenced by 167,400 monthly searches and 429.61 searches per 100,000 residents. As the home of Silicon Valley, this high level of engagement is expected, reflecting the state's status as a global tech hub.

#6. New York

In New York, with around 19.57 million residents, there are 76,280 monthly searches, equating to 390 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's vibrant tech scene, especially in New York City, and a population often at the forefront of adopting new technologies contribute to this substantial interest.

#7. Massachusetts

Massachusetts, with a population of about 7 million, records 26,840 monthly searches, or 383.35 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's rich academic and research environment, including institutions like MIT and Harvard, fosters a deep engagement with technological advancements, including AI imagery.

#8. Montana 

Montana, with just over 1.13 million residents, shows a notable interest, with 4,270 monthly searches and 376.94 searches per 100,000 residents. This could indicate a growing tech presence in cities like Bozeman and Missoula and a statewide curiosity about emerging technologies.

#9. Washington 

In Washington, home to approximately 7.81 million people, there are 28,960 monthly searches, amounting to 370.67 per 100,000 residents. The state's significant interest is likely influenced by its status as a tech powerhouse, hosting companies like Microsoft and Amazon and fostering a culture deeply embedded with technological innovation.

#10. Virginia 

With a population of about 8.72 million, Virginia demonstrates robust engagement with 30,580 monthly searches and 350.86 searches per 100,000 residents. This interest stems from the state's strong tech sector, particularly in Northern Virginia, and a population increasingly engaging with digital and AI technologies.


Top 10 Least Obsessed States with AI-generated Images

#1. Louisiana 

With a population of approximately 4.57 million, Louisiana shows a limited engagement in AI-generated images, evidenced by 8,150 monthly searches and 178.19 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's economic focus on energy and agriculture might contribute to this lower level of interest in tech-centric sectors like AI.

#2. South Dakota

With its smaller population of around 919,000, South Dakota exhibits modest interest in AI imagery, recording 1,640 monthly searches and 178.39 searches per 100,000 residents. This could reflect the state's rural nature and a tech industry that's less prominent compared to more urbanized areas.

#3. Alabama

Alabama, home to over 5.1 million people, shows moderate interest in AI-generated images, with 9,490 monthly searches and 185.77 searches per 100,000 residents. This could be due to its traditional industry focus, which may not fully align with the rapidly advancing field of AI technology.

#4. South Carolina

With a population of approximately 5.37 million, South Carolina records 10,320 monthly searches for AI-generated images, or 192.05 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's interest appears subdued, possibly due to an economy more aligned with traditional industries than emerging tech sectors.

#5. Mississippi

With a population of nearly 2.94 million, it has 5,680 monthly searches, translating to 193.22 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's moderate engagement with AI imagery might stem from an economic landscape dominated by agriculture and manufacturing, sectors typically slower in adopting new technologies.

#6. Arkansas

About 3.07 million demonstrate a modest interest in AI-generated images, evidenced by 6,150 monthly searches and 200.47 searches per 100,000 residents. This might be influenced by the state's mixed economic focus, where technology is not yet a primary driver.

#7. Kentucky

In Kentucky, home to around 4.53 million people, there are 9,280 monthly searches for AI imagery, which amounts to 205.03 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's traditional focus on industries like manufacturing might limit its engagement with newer tech trends.

#8. Wisconsin

With a population of nearly 5.91 million, Wisconsin shows 12,290 monthly searches for AI-generated images, equaling 207.92 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's diverse economy, where tech is an emerging but not dominant sector, may influence this level of interest.

#9. Iowa

With a population of around 3.21 million, records 6,680 monthly searches, or 208.29 searches per 100,000 residents. The state's strong agricultural base and a slowly emerging tech sector likely shape its engagement level with AI technologies.

#10. Delaware

Despite its small size and population of just over 1.03 million, Delaware exhibits 2,150 monthly searches for AI imagery, translating to 208.36 searches per 100,000 residents. This moderate interest could be shaped by the state's economic focus on industries like banking and chemicals, which don't directly intersect with tech innovations.


The methodology for this study involved several streamlined steps:

Data Collection: We gathered monthly Google search data using the SEMrush tool for keywords related to AI-generated images across each U.S. state and the latest population figures for these states.

Data Normalization: The search volumes were normalized per 100,000 residents in each state, enabling a fair comparison across states with varying population sizes.

Ranking and Analysis:  Ranking states based on normalized search data to identify which showed the most and least interest per 100,000 residents. 



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