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Fashion Tutorial Better Marker Tutorial

Download the files here

Here's a quick Fashion Art Tutorial to help you get acquainted with your new Better Marker Brushset! We'll be working on this Fashion Art Tutorial using the premium brushes from my Better Marker Brushset! Please download the tutorial pdf, sketch, and palette swatch before we begin!

When you're ready, create a 3000 x 3000 canvas at 300 dpi.

Step 1: Let's begin by creating a sketch of our composition using 6B or Peppermint Brush.  Lower the opacity of this layer and then lock it.

On a new layer, start to color in the skin using Marker Wet 15 using a nude color. Notice that you don't need to color the entire body. Leave some areas white to act as skin highlight. Add hair color in using Marker Dry no. 5 in two tones. You can use the same hues for the chain and jewelry.

Step 2: On another layer, slowly fill the color of the shirt, leaving some areas white where the light would naturally fall on.  Use Marker Dry No. 2 and Marker Wet 18.

Step 3: Add shadows to the creases and folds by using a darker color and Marker Dry No. 3. Focus on areas where there would be natural shadows because of folds. Surfaces that overlay each other will have natural shadows where they meet.

Step 4: Use the same brush, a grey color to add the folds to the denim pants.  Then use Marker Wet 16 and Marker Dry 3 to color in the green bag. Remember to darken areas where shadows naturally occur. Congratulations! You've just completed this Fashion Art Tutorial! Please don't forget to tag me if you post your work on Instagram! I'd love to see your version!

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