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Hyacinth Watercolor Procreate Tutorial by

Download the files here

Welcome to this Hyacinth Tutorial. Today we'll be using the Premium brushes from my Ultimate Watercolor Brushset! Please download the files first before we begin.

Step 1: Let's begin by sketching out the composition using a 6B or a Peppermint brush. Lower the opacity of the layer, rename it as sketch and lock it. Add a layer underneath the sketch, and use Freya Paper Texture No. 6 in a light grey color to create your background texture.

Step 2: On another layer, build the colors for the Hyacinth petals using Freya Wet on Wet no. 7 and Freya Blender Wash No. 2. Add darker shadows to the back of the stem using Freya Wet on Dry No. 14 around the stems.

Step 3: Add a clipping mask and paint gradients to your petals using the Freya Wet on Dry No. 1 and Freya Wet on Dry No. 19 Water Tank.

Step 4: For the finishing touches, you can add texture using the Freya Colored Pencil No. 7. Use the Freya Tip Brush No. 6 to draw the pistil. Totally optional, but you can also add more watercolor accents to the background using Freya Wet on Dry No. 19 Water Tank and the FreyaBlender Wash No. 7.

Nice work!  🥰 You've just completed another digital art using my Freya Ultimate Watercolor Brushes!  🥰



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