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Maine Coon Procreate Oil Paint Tutorial

Download the files here

Hi there! Welcome to our free Oil Paint Tutorial for Procreate. Today we'll be working on this pet portrait using my Freya Oil Paint Sampler Brushes. Please download all the tutorial files first before we begin.

Step 1: So we'll start by creating a sketch of our composition using 6B or Peppermint Brush.  Lower the opacity of this layer and then lock it. On another layer, add the Freya Oil Canvas No. 3 in a light grey color. You can adjust the intensity of details by tweaking the layer curve. Go to Adjustments > Curves. When you're satisfied, lock the layer so that you don't accidentally draw over it.

From here on out, set all the layers you'll make to Linear Burn. That way it'll pick up the texture from our canvas texture layer. Now start adding the base colors using Freya Oil Wet No. 4. Blend out the colors using Freya Blender No. 2.

Step 2: Set your detail layers as clipping masks. Now add more details using Freya Oil Old Brush No. 2 and Freya Oil Dry No 2. When drawing the tail, remember that their fur flows outward because of gravity.

Step 3: Add in a background color using Freya Oil Old Brush No. 2 and continue adding shadows to the fur using Freya Oil Dry No. 2.

Step 4: For the final touches, continue painting the fur in a wavy downward motion using Freya Oil Old Brush No. 2. Add the facial details using Freya Oil Tip Brush No. 1.

Congrats! You just learned how to draw a pet portrait! Please don't forget to tag me if you post your own version! I would love to see it! ❤️ You can find the rest of the Premium Freya Oil Brushes on this link!



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