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Matcha Cake Watercolor Procreate Tutorial by

Download the files here

This tutorial uses the premium brushes from my Ultimate Watercolor Brushset to showcase their application. Please download the tutorial files first before we begin. You'll get the sketch, color palette, tutorial PDF. Let's begin!

Step 1: Sketch out the composition using a 6B or a peppermint brush. Lower the opacity of the layer, rename it as sketch and lock it. Add the background using Freya Paper Texture No. 1 in a light gray color. Move it under the sketch layer and lock it. Use Freya Dry on Wet No. 7 to add the base colors for our cake.

Step 2:
 Continue to build up the layers using the Freya Wet on Dry no. 7 and the Freya Wet on Dry No. 5.

Step 3: 
Add shadows with the Freya Wet on Dry No. 6 and Freya Wet on Wet No. 1.

Step 4: Now it's time to add the finer details! Use Freya Tip Brush No. 7 for the Strawberry seeds. For the gelatin part, use Freya Wet on Dry No. 17 Water Tank. You can vary the translucency by applying pressure. Use Freya Dry on Dry Wet No. 10 to create the texture for the cake base. For the leaves and the platter, you can use Freya Dry on Dry No. 7.

Now you have a gorgeous Matcha Cake illustration using my Freya Ultimate Watercolor Brushes! Yum! Don't forget to tag me if you finish your version! 😊


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