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Tulip Oil Paint Procreate Tutorial

Download the files here

Hi! Glad you're here! Today we're going to create this Tulip Illustration using my premium Freya Oil Paint Brush Set! Please download the tutorial files before we begin. You'll receive the tutorial pdf, sketch, and color palette we'll use for this tutorial. Once you're ready, draw along with me. Feel free to pause and play as needed.

Okay! Let's goo!

Step 1: Let's begin by creating a sketch of our composition using 6B or Peppermint Brush.  Lower the opacity of this layer and then lock it. On another layer, add the Freya Oil Canvas No. 10 in a light grey color. You can adjust the intensity of details by tweaking the layer curve. Go to Adjustments > Curves. When you're satisfied, lock the layer so that you don't accidentally draw on it. I used Freya Oil Stamp No. 26 to create a backdrop for my vase. This will help us ground our color choices so that it'll all look harmonious. Blend the edges out using Freya Oil Blender No. 8.

Then on another layer, add the base colors for the vase using Freya Oil Wet No. 12. Layer in different shades to recreate that glass look.

Step 2: Now let's color in the leaves using Freya Oil Wet No. 5 in an up and down motion. After you've created the leaf's base layer, you can set it to Alpha Lock so that you don't color outside the shape. Use varying shades of green to build depth. You can also add swirling strokes as a backdrop to the petals.

Step 3: For this step, start coloring the tulip petals using Freya Oil Wet No. 4. Use different shades to add highlight, shadows, and midtones. With petal layers, remember that it's a little darker in areas that touch or overlap other petals.

Step 4: Add the final touches using Freya Oil Tip No. 2 and Freya Oil Dry No. 7.  A cool trick to making illustrations more realistic is adding light reflects colors of nearby items. In our example, the vase, some stems, and one side of a leaf reflects the yellow tulip.

Sweet! Congrats on finishing this beautiful still life illustration using my Freya OIl Paint Brushes! Please don't forget to tag me when you share your version! 😊

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