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Free Coloring Pages for Procreate: Holiday Edition

Did all of you have a great time over the break? I do hope you did! Even though the festive season has just passed, We've got something special to keep the spirit alive. We’re thrilled to share that we have not one-- but TWO awesome holiday-themed coloring pages for you, and guess what? They're absolutely free! We wanted to spread some cheer and creativity your way, so why not offer up these fun coloring pages for you to enjoy? Get ready to add a splash of holiday magic to your day with our free coloring pages – it's the perfect way to remember the celebrations and keep the holiday vibes going strong.

1. Christmas Theme

Our first coloring page is all about that Christmas magic. It's got everything you need to feel the festive spirit - a fancy star, ornate Christmas balls, decorative leaves, and even a friendly squirrel to add some woodland magic. This design is super easy to work with, so you'll have a blast bringing this scene to life on Procreate. Grab your hot cocoa and crank up those holiday tunes, because it's time to fill your art with the memories of the joy of Christmas!

Christmas themed coloring page
Christmas Theme

2. New Year Theme

Alright, the second coloring page is to celebrate the New Year! There are (potentially) colorful flowers that represent renewal and a bright future, along with some elegant deer prancing around. This coloring page is about hope and celebration, and you can add your own personal touch to it using Procreate, of course! The layout is simple but really eye-catching, making it the perfect canvas for starting the new year with some creativity and art skills.

New Year themed coloring page
New Year Theme

And if whimsy calls for it, why not give your colors an interesting twist using gradients? See all the awesome color combos you can use!

There you have it! We hope that these Procreate coloring pages have added a little happiness to your day as we come to the end of our digital coloring journey through the festive seasons.

Keep in mind that the beauty of digital coloring is found in the relaxing moments it creates as much as the finished work of art. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy the simple act of coloring and to keep pursuing your artistic side! In the days ahead, may there be many more inspiring and artistic moments! From our creative space to yours, thank you for sharing this vibrant journey with us!


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