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Procreate Watercolor Brushes and What to Paint with Them

Watercolor is a wonderful and versatile medium that can be used to achieve a variety of effects, from delicate washes to bold, vibrant brushstrokes. Sure, sometimes it can be difficult to work with, but the results are often well worth the effort!

It also encourages experimentation and creativity. Experimenting with different brushstrokes, differing amounts of water in your paints, and layering different colors to achieve a variety of effects can result in satisfaction and enjoyment for artists of all levels.

Plus, watercolor paints are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport wherever you go! And with the digital era, making watercolor paintings has never been easier thanks to Procreate! This means you can paint anywhere you are, whether at home, on vacation, or in nature.

Procreate watercolor brushes

It's jam-packed with features and tools that make creating professional-quality digital artwork on your iPad or iPhone a breeze. Procreate's wide range of watercolor brushes is one of its standout features, allowing you to create beautiful watercolor paintings with just a few taps.

While Procreate's brushes work well, they are not the best on the market. This is why we provide this fantastic Watercolor Brush Set! These brushes accurately simulate traditional watercolor brush effects, putting this set miles ahead of the defaults. This pack includes 144 brushes as well as a bunch of bonus content. If you’d like to make watercolor paintings, this is where to start! As a plus, up your watercolor game with these Watercolor Paper textures— which include 50 different paper textures that will work perfectly with your new Procreate Watercolor brushes.

Want to try just how awesome this pack is? Here’s a free Watercolor sample set for you to try out!

Watercolor Sample Brushes

What to paint with Procreate Watercolor brushes

Now that you have your new brushes, here are 5 superb watercolor painting tutorials to follow!

1. Deer and Rose

This gorgeous combination of flora and fauna is sure to liven up your love of nature. This Deer and Rose Watercolor tutorial might look complicated at first but with an expert guiding you along the way, this is easy peasy so jump straight in and paint this beaut!

Deer and Rose Watercolor Tutorial for Procreate‍

2. Fox and Scenery

The beauty of orange foxes lies in their striking appearance, graceful movements, and adaptability to their natural habitat. They are a fascinating and unique species that are a joy to behold in the wild.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint these lovely creatures in a vibrant setting that gives off a fantastical vibe.

Fox and Scenery Watercolor Tutorial for Procreate‍

3. Owl

Owls are remarkable birds of prey noted for their peculiar look and characteristics. This watercolor owl tutorial will guide you through painting this bird midflight amidst a forest of branches and leaves— a wonderful masterpiece, indeed!

Watercolor Owl Tutorial for Procreate‍

4. Humpback Whale

From the lands to the skies, now onto the deep blue sea! Because of their size, beauty, and behavior, Humpback Whales are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and majestic of all whale species. This tutorial will take you through painting a Humpback Whale— a breathtaking creature and an impressive addition to your pieces.

Humpback Whale Procreate Watercolor Tutorial

5. Matcha Cake

Matcha cakes are often praised for their beauty and aesthetic appeal, as the vibrant green color of the matcha adds a visually striking element to the baked goods. This guide will lead you through the steps of making this scrumptious dessert, which, albeit digital, is undeniably delicious!

Matcha Cake Watercolor Procreate Tutorial by Freya

All of these tutorials use our extensive Watercolor brush pack, made just for you! This includes over 100+ diverse and unique watercolor brushes carefully designed to mimic traditional watercolor effects from a professional artist herself. Make sure to grab yours and start painting your beautiful illustrations!

What will you paint with your watercolor brushes? Let us know!


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