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Procreate Tips for Beginners : Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Digital art has the benefit of allowing artists to work in a flexible and portable environment while utilizing tools that are oftentimes simpler to understand and use than conventional art supplies. Due to the fact that artists can use a number of programs and methods to create various effects and styles, digital art also provides a vast range of creative opportunities. Procreate, in addition to Photoshop, is one of the most popular programs used for this.

Learning how to use Procreate will get you started, but it's also important to understand the mistakes to prevent them and have a positive experience. In this Procreate tips for beginners blog, we'll take a go at the most frequent errors new Procreate users make while getting started.

What is Procreate

For the iPad and iPhone, Procreate is a sophisticated, user-friendly digital painting and illustration tool. It is intended for artists and creative professionals who want to produce digital paintings, drawings, and art on their tablets or mobile devices. You may use Procreate's many features and tools to produce artwork of a high caliber.

Procreate Tips for Beginners : Common Mistakes to Avoid

#1: Not taking advantage of the various tools and features in the app

As you might have seen from various Procreate tips for beginners-- Procreate is more than simply a brush and a canvas; in your hands are a plethora of tools that may and will aid your process. If you're unfamiliar with the software, it's easy to overlook some of the tools and options available for producing and editing digital art with Procreate. To get the most out of Procreate, spend some time exploring all of its tools and capabilities. This can be daunting at first but luckily, we have just the thing for you! Our Procreate Masterclass is the ideal choice if you want to learn about Procreate from tools to art workshops!

#2: Not using reference images or guidelines

Using reference photos or guidelines to enhance your artwork might be a terrific approach to do so. Reference images may assist you in capturing the proper dimensions, colors, and details of a subject, and guidelines can help you draw straight lines and symmetrical compositions.

To use guidelines, select Drawing Assist from the Actions menu. In a previous blog, we discussed one of the fundamental guides, the Symmetry Tool. To enable references, go to the Actions menu and toggle Reference. This will open a little window into which you can place any reference picture.

Procreate Beginner Tips : How to use reference

#3: Not using layers effectively

Layers are a critical element in Procreate that allow you to separate and organize specific elements of your artwork. Without layers, it might be difficult to make adjustments and tweaks to your artwork, resulting in disorganized and cluttered compositions. Make sure to read up on our prior blog regarding Procreate Layers for far more details!

#4: Overdoing it with effects and filters

You can use Procreate's built-in effects and filters to enhance your artwork. To use filters and effects in Procreate, simply select the layer you want to apply the effect to and then tap the "Adjustments" button in the toolbar. Procreate filters include adjustment filters, blur filters, pixelate filters, distort filters, and warp filters. However, it's important to remember that using too many of them can make your artwork look overdone and unnatural. Avoid using effects and filters excessively, and instead, use them sparingly to bring subtle enhancements to your artwork.

Procreate Beginner Tips : Procreate Filters and Effects

Make sure to check out these previous blogs! We delve into more Procreate tips and tricks you should know. While you're at it, when you want to make your first masterpiece, here's a quick list of what to draw on Procreate of all the fun things you can try out!

Remember that everyone makes mistakes while learning new software or skills, and the best way to progress is to practice and learn from your errors. Keep doing what you or you can follow our Procreate tips for beginners if you'd like some structure! Don't be scared to explore and attempt new things with Procreate, and always be open to learning from your failures!


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