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Drawing Prompts

What to Draw on procreate

So you just downloaded Procreate on your new iPad? Great! But now you’re having trouble figuring out what to draw next, especially as a beginner.

But don’t panic, that’s alright! This is actually something that a lot of people struggle with, but don’t fret. When it comes to this, the key is to just start. It doesn’t even have to be good!

Things to Draw in Procreate

To help you out, I’ve collected Freya’s courses to help give you inspiration on what you should draw next.

If you’re looking to learn the ins and out of Procreate, Freya breaks down everything you need to know in her Procreate Masterclass. The course is filled with exercises you can work on so you’ll also get to learn the different techniques in digital art you can use on your own works.

But, if you’re still stuck with finding inspiration or if you’re looking to learn more specialized digital art skills, you have to check these out:

Procreate Tropical Pattern Mastery

What to draw on Procreate - patterns

Freya has been creating different patterns for different brands throughout the years, and in this course, she will teach you how you can do it too! You’ll learn how to create your own original, seamless patterns you can put on anything you want like clothes, home decor, wallpaper, or stationery.

Wild Flowers in Procreate

Wild Flowers in Procreate

If you love drawing flowers, this course is the one for you. In this course, Freya will teach you how to draw flowers realistically, and not the generic flower we learned how to draw in kindergarten.

Wild Flowers in Procreate will teach you all the things you need to know about a flower to be able to draw them just like how you see them.

It helps you understand exactly what you’re looking at by looking at the different parts of the flower and the different styles it comes in, and how you can replicate it in your drawing. This will serve as a strong foundation so that the next time you see an unfamiliar flower, you might not know its name but you’ll be able to draw it well.

Procreate Portrait Academy

Procreate Portrait academy

If you’re looking to create the perfect gift for your loved one’s birthday or anniversary, you should take this course. There have always been a lot of people who are a fan of portraits, even in this era of phones with cameras.

The techniques in this course have also helped some students create not just human portraits, they’ve also created ones for their lovely pets.

It has been a common gift for families and friends that a lot of people have been offering traditional and digital portrait commissions as a service. In this course, you'll learn not only how to do portraits, but you’ll also learn how to sell them.

3D Painting in Procreate Mastery

3D painting in Procreate

With the release of Procreate’s 3D painting feature in their 5.2 updates, we can now paint on 3D models just with the use of our iPad.

Now we can easily reimagine models at a stroke of a brush, or in this case the Apple Pencil.

This course will help you master creating the perfect visualizations for anything, as long as you have the 3D model for it. Design clothes, product packaging, furniture, architectural structure, and more.

Life-like Paintings

You can now recreate traditional-looking artwork without having to buy different tools and a thousand paint colors. With your iPad, Apple Pencil, and the right Procreate brush, you won’t have to go back to paper.

Freya has 4 different Procreate brushes that mimic traditional paint, and they include exercises to teach you how to use them and add-on mini-courses if you want to take it to the next level.

Ultimate Watercolor Brush set

watercolor Procreate

You won’t have to wait for your watercolor to dry when you use this Procreate brush set.

Gouache Brush set

What to draw on Procreate - gouache

Freya has spent more than 300 hours creating this set of 130 custom gouache brushes, and I’m sure you won’t be able to recognize it from real gouache paintings!

Oil Brush set

Even Freya’s college professor was amazed when she told him she used these brushes in her work and not a single drop of oil paint! You can see it for yourself.

Better Marker

With this brush set, you won’t have to worry about your markers drying out or tearing a whole on your perfectly good illustration.

Bonus: Artistic Lettering Brush set

Of course, aside from illustrations, you can definitely create lettering works on your iPad. With Freya’s new brush set, you’ll be able to create stunning lettering using different mediums – watercolor, gouache, oil, and marker.

With Freya’s 15+ years as a professional illustrator, which came with a lot of challenges and mistakes, she has learned and developed a lot of techniques and tricks along the way. After working with many brands on multiple different projects, she sure has a lot to teach us when it comes to digital art.

Hopefully, this quick list has given you inspiration on what you can work on next!

So, which course are you most excited to start?


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