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Chinese New Year Lantern Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello and welcome another Procreate Tutorial. In this tutorial, we are going to use premium brushes from the artistic Lettering Brush Set and Effortless Flower Brush Set. We'll explore Procreate's tools to draw this Chinese New Year Lantern. Please download the tutorial files before we begin. You should find the tutorial PDF for offline viewing, sketch file, and palette swatch for this project.

When you're ready, let's begin by creating a 3000 x 3000 canvas at 300 DPI. Import the sketch file to use as a guide.

You can trace this or sketch this from scratch depending on your skill level. You can use the Peppermint brush to create the sketch.

Step 1: Next, add a layer and create a shape for each element. Fill the shapes with colors accordingly.

Step 2: Add lines on top of the red shape and add emphasis to darken areas using the Freya Pastel on Paper brush. Use varying shades of deep red, bright red, and orange. Now add another layer and draw the diamond shape. Fill it with orange color and shade around the outline using the Freya Pastel on Paper Brush. Add a clipping mask on top of the diamond shape layer and this time add texture and more colors using the Freya Tamar Cloud brush.

Step 3: Add clipping masks on top of the yellow metal layer and color in the highlights and shadows using the Freya Pastel on Paper brush. Do the same thing with the fringes using the Freya Tamar Cloud brush. Using Freya's Gouache Lettering No. 7 brush, write Chinese New Year on each of the lantern's diamond shape.

Step 4: Now comes the fun part! Group all the layers of the lanterns together. Then add another layer underneath. I prefer to use a new layer for each flower type. Decorate the backdrop with Freya Effortless Flower Brushes.

You can also swap out the background color for something more dramatic to make the colors pop!

Congratulations! You've just completed this new tutorial!

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