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Effortless Mallow Malva Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

In this week's tutorial we are going to draw a Mallow Malva Flower using my Freya Effortless Flower Brush Set. Please download the rest of the tutorial files. You will get a tutorial PDF for offline viewing and the swatch palette to use in this exercise.

To recreate this flower, we are going to use three brushes from the Effortless Brush Set. Namely, Petal 21 R, Pollen 5, and Stem 5, Make sure that your Dynamic Scaling is turned on when you're using this brush set,  you can find this under Actions > Preferences.

Step 1: Let's start with a 3000 x 3000-pixel canvas at 300 DPI. Then using the Petal 21 R, draw in a clockwise motion.

Step 2: Use the Soft Brush from the default Airbrushing Group to draw the middle color.

Step 3: Now go to the Adjustment Settings > Liquify. Choose Push. Then push the petals inward so that it looks more oval instead of a perfect circle.

Step 4: Use the Stem 5 brush to draw the stem. And create 4 layers of pollen using the Pollen 5 brush. The color should get darker the closer you get to the middle part of the flower. Add a bit of green in the middle using the Petal Shadow brush and erase sa bit where the pollen should show. Finally use the Stem 5 brush to draw the stem. You can duplicate the flowers or draw them facing away to create variety in the composition.

There you have it! We've just completed this soft mallow flower tutorial using the premium brushes from the Effortless Flower Brush Set! Please share your version online and tag me in your post! I'd love to share it in my Instagram stories. 🙏

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