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Harebell Drawing Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! In this tutorial, we are going to use premium brushes from Effortless Flower Brush Set to recreate these dainty harebell flowers! Please download the accompanying tutorial PDF and swatch palette for this tutorial.

Fair warning, this tutorial requires a lot of patience because these brushes are pressure-sensitive. Different pressure will create different shapes, plus we are trying to draw from real life reference so it will take a bit of practice to make it look close to the original. Now, let's begin.

To recreate this flower, we are going to use three brushes from the Effortless Brush Set. Namely, Petal 4, Pollen  7, and Leaf 17, Make sure that your Dynamic Scaling is turned on when you're using this brush set, you can find this under Actions > Preferences.

Step 1: Let's practice with the Petal 3 brush first. With this brush, the secondary color will appear when you add pressure. Practice with slight pressure at the top, add pressure then slowly ease up as you taper to the bottom.

Step 2: Now turn on Symmetry Guide. Go to Actions > Canvas > Drawing Guide. Then Tap on Edit Drawing Guide.  In the options that appear, choose Symmetry. Choose a color for the guide and tap on the Done Button. Set the color duo from the swatch palette provided.

As you draw the next layer of petals, remember that Harebells are shaped like bells so they are more narrow at the top and they flare out towards the bottom. Use slight pressure at the top, add more pressure so it rounds out a bit then ease up as you taper to the end. It looks a bit like a flipped hairstyle.

You might have to repeat this process for a while until you get the hang of it. But once you find the wrist flick that works best for you, you can move on to the next part.

Step 3: In this step, we're going to add the pollen using Pollen 7. Set the new color duo. Add another layer, but you don't need to enable drawing assist. This will make it look more natural. Just draw the pollens downward with a flick outward.

Step 4: Now add another layer on top of the pollen layer. Turn on drawing assist for that layer. Draw a smaller petal. This time, draw as if you're adding layers to a ball gown. Draw down and flick your wrist up.

When you're done with the flower, let's add the leaves. Add a new layer and place it below all the flower petal layers. Turn on drawing assist for that layer. Choose the new color duo for the leaf and draw the leaf using Leaf No. 17 brush. Just use a small brush size because these are thin leaves.

Repeat the process until you have a whole set of harebells. You can also draw them with pollens hidden behind another leaf. This tutorial is a little challenging because we are trying to reference actual flowers, but I think it's a great way to practice pressure control.

I hope you enjoyed this FREE Tutorial! Next time, I'll show you how to draw a sunflower using the Effortless Flower Brush Set!

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