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Effortless Snowflake Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

In today’s tutorial, we will be using premium brushes from my Effortless Flower Brush Set. I’ve included a PDF file, a free shimmer brush, and the palette swatch for this project.

Download all the tutorial files to your iPad. Go to your Files App and look for the zip file you just downloaded. Tap on the zip icon and it will create a new blue folder with the same name. Since both the brush files and the swatch files are native to Procreate, just tap on those files and they should import automatically into Procreate. You'll find the imported swatch palette in your Color Panel > Palettes.

Step 1: Create a new square canvas at 3000 x 3000 pixels. Then go to Actions > Turn on Drawing Guide. Then tap on “Edit Drawing Guide” and tap on Symmetry > Options > choose Vertical. Turn on Rotational Symmetry and Assisted Drawing.

Make sure that your Dynamic Scaling is turned on when you're using this brush set, you can find this under Actions > Preferences. Go to your layer panel and tap on the Background Color layer. Choose a dark blue color.

Now choose the Branch No. 3 brush and set the Secondary and Primary Colors. Remember, after setting the primary and secondary colors for these dual brushes, remember to tap the primary color again, so that Procreate uses that as the active color. Start drawing from the middle.

Step 2: Duplicate this layer, and then tap on the Transform Icon.  Tap on the green circle extending from the selection and turn it  -30° to the right. Duplicate again and repeat the same process. This time -60° to the right. You should end up with one horizontal branch, and 2 crossed lines.

Step 3: Add another layer under all the layers, and turn on Drawing Assist in the layer options. Using the Branch No. 12 brush, resize the brush so it matches the size of your earlier lines. Draw smaller lines extending outward.

Add another layer underneath, and turn on Drawing Assist again in the layer options. This time choose the Foliage No. 16 brush and draw a vertical line and two lines crossed as shown in the guide. Draw from the middle moving outward. Remember that these are pressure-sensitive brushes, so you need to add pressure first then slowly ease up at the end to taper. Finally, use the Petal No. 6 brush to draw the ends of the snowflake. Draw inward.

Step 4: Once you’re happy with your snowflake, merge all the layers so you have one Snowflake Layer. Then add another layer, set it as a clipping mask on top of the Snowflake layer.

Use the Glowing Shimmer brush to add texture to the snowflake. You can also add tap some shimmer around the flakes to add more snow effect. Then add another layer underneath the Snowflake layer. And using Soft Brush from the Airbrushing group, gently create a soft gradient background.

I hope you enjoyed this free tutorial! If you enjoyed it, please check out the full set of my Effortless Flower Brush Set.

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