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Free Procreate Star Brush : 3 Ways to Create Stellar Art in Procreate

If you’re a human who’s lived on Earth (…you are, right?), surely you’ve gazed upon the night sky once or twice and just fell in awe with how beautiful the night sky is. The twinkling of endless stars in the sky coupled with the cool breeze of the night air is just the perfect combination for an indescribable feeling. Throughout history, nature has been always, first and foremost, the source of inspiration for us artists. From mundane plants to enormous landscapes, it’s no wonder we all want to capture its beauty in a canvas. The night sky is no exception- it’s a never-ending source of inspiration!

Thankfully, with the help of digital art and apps like Procreate, it’s become an easy feat to mimic the intricate look of a starry night and immortalize it in our works. With the help of digital tools like Procreate, we now have awesome tools and brushes to help us in doing so! In this blog, we will go through how you can paint the night sky with a brush specifically made for it. However, we’re not stopping at that! We’ll also be covering a few other things you can use it on as well. Let’s get started!

Types of Procreate Star Brushes

Depending on what style of art you create, when you hear the words Star Brushes, you might think of one of two different types. As with many other brushes, you’ll find there are two different types- a regular brush and a stamp brush. The name says it all, a regular brush acts like your run of the mill normal brush where you have a continuous flow with each stroke. This works best for realistic types of star brushes where your main aim is to mimic the look of realistic night sky, complete with the intricate randomness of it all.

The second type of brush we have is the stamp brush and again, the name gives it away. These brushes are meant to be tapped onto the canvas and usually gives a single “stamp” or shape. These are used for those usual 5 pointed stars we normally see. That being said, both the realistic star effect and the single star graphic can both be used as a regular and stamp brush. It just depends on how you want to use it on your piece and how you’ll play around in the settings!

Our free brush from today comes from this stellar Galaxy Brushes for Procreate Brushset- we will be playing with a stamp brush but I'll show you a tip to turn it into a regular one! You can find all sorts of brushes in this set which are all made to compliment each other and help you make awesome galaxy artworks so I highly recommend checking them out!

4 Galaxy Procreate Stamps Brushset
4 Galaxy Procreate Stamps Brushset

Ways to Use Procreate Star Brush

Moving on, we’ll discover 3 ways to use this Free Procreate Star Brush from collection! But before we get to that, if you don’t know how to import brushes yet,  you’re gonna want to check out our previous blog on How To Import Brushes in Procreate for an easy to follow tutorial and we can get started right away!

Starry Night

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, shall we? Making a beautiful starry night with our awesome brush! First, make a canvas, any dimensions will do. (Note: If you’d like to learn how Procreate canvas works and the features and limitations that comes with it, I recommend reading our previous blog about Procreate Canvas!)

Let’s start with picking our color- galaxy art usually consists of purples, pinks and blues. Let’s start with that and when you’re feeling more comfortable, you can get away with mixing up colors. Starting with the background, choose a dark blue hue and fill your canvas with it.

Canvas with Blue color
Fill canvas with Blue color

Next you’re gonna want to make this background a little less flat- for this, I’ll pick a purple color and another blue color. Lay the colors on your canvas and make a gradient! You can do this either by using a Blending Brush or by using Gaussian Blur. You can also create a new layer and set it to Color Dodge- set your brush to a soft airbrush and just dot along the canvas with different shades of purple and pink.

Make a gradient

Blobs of colors
Add blobs of colors

Now to the good part! Create a new layer and choose a light color. Use your free Star Brush and do some random taps along your canvas. You can vary the brush sizes and transform to rotate your stars!

Night Sky with Stars
Add stars

As a bonus effect, you can go ahead over to the Adjustments Panel and use Bloom. This effect will make your stars shine even more! You can also add a tree line at the bottom to sell the nature and night sky!

Bloom Effect in Adjustment Panel
Use the Bloom Effect

Galaxy sky with a treeline
Add a treeline


I’d like you to think about a beautiful starry night once again. Now, what else does that remind you of? For me it’s another thing that shimmers and shines— that’s right, the next up on our list is creating a glitter effect! With your star brush, it’s easier than ever to make your artwork look all pretty and shiny, let me teach you how!  Making a glitter effect doesn’t have to be so mind numbingly tedious- most of it is just noise really! It’s really just about picking and choosing where the “main” focus which will be where the most detail will be.

Like the previous exercise, make a canvas and fill it with a gray color for now. After that, head to the Adjustments panel once again but this time choose the Noise filter. You can play around with the sliders and see just how big your “glitter” particles are.

Noise Filter
Add Noise Filter

Then you’ll wanna make a new layer and set it to Overlay, then fill it with your preferred color! This time I’ll be picking shades of gold!

Noise with a Gold color
Overlay with a Gold color

Once you’ve done that, tap on your brush and change a bit of the settings. This will make the brush make more stars instead of just a stamp. The frequency of the sparkles depends on you!

Brush Settings
Edit in Brush Studio

You can then go ahead and make starry glitters along your canvas and there you have it!

Gold Glitter
Gold Glitter


What do stars do best? Shine! The third way you can use your star brush- this particular one especially, is to have them add a sparkle to your piece. Even the simplest illustration can be made magical with just a little bit of tasteful shimmers here and there. Be careful not to overdo it and it’s bound to make your piece fantastic!

Heart Illustration with Sparkles
Heart Illustration with Sparkles

And there you have it! Even with just one simple Procreate star brush, you can elevate your artworks in more ways than one. That being said, it’s definitely worth it to get the complete Galaxy Brushes for Procreate Brushset and discover the countless possibilities when you combine the different brushes in the set. That’s it for this blog, go play around and discover what else you find!

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