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Procreate Hair Brushes : How To Use Them

Take a look at your hair in the mirror; is it straight? or maybe you have curly hair? Did you know there are several types, with the following basic categories:

Type 1 is for Straight Hair, Type 2 is for Wavy Hair, Type 3 is for Curly Hair and finally, Type 4 is for Kinky (or Coily) Hair.

Hair drawing and lifelike rendering are a must for any portrait artist. It's never been easier with Procreate's fantastic tools and various brushes! These brushes may be used to achieve a variety of hairstyles, ranging from straight and smooth to curly and wild.

Hair brushes in Procreate are highly customizable and may be modified to your artistic style and preferences. To create a variety of hair textures and styles, you can adjust the size, shape, and density of the brush, as well as the amount of pressure you apply to the canvas.

In this blog, we will go through how to use Procreate's hair brushes to create gorgeous and realistic locks of hair!

Default Procreate Hair Brushes

While there are numerous resources on the web for various sorts of hair brushes, Procreate does provide default ones to get you started. Open your brush list and scroll down to Materials brush set. Here, you’ll find three hair brushes (four, if you count the Stubble brush!): Fine Hair, Flowing Hair, and Short Hair. Each of these brushes performs uniquely and you can play around and see where you can use them.

Default Procreate Hair Brushes

Customizing your Procreate Hair Brush

You might want to tweak your Procreate brushes for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being improved control— customizing your brushes gives you greater control over how they function, enabling you to fine-tune their features to meet your specific requirements. You may, for example, change the brush size, shape, and opacity to get the desired effect. To do this, tap on your chosen brush to access the brush studio, there you can play around with sliders and see what you can change!

Procreate Brush Studio

Tips for use

First and foremost, consider the general form and structure of the head and face while sketching out the type and style of hair you wish to draw. This will allow you to understand how the hair will sit on the head and how it will interact with the other features of the face. If you’re unfamiliar with or unsure how to go about this, we have the perfect course for you! Our Procreate Portrait Academy delves into everything you need to learn about portrait art!

When drawing hair, aim to draw long, sweeping strokes rather than quick, jagged ones. Unless you’re aiming for a Roal Dahl-esque hair, this tip applies even to the wildest of hairs! This can help to create the hair seem more elegant.

Smooth vs Jagged hair

You can also try combining different Procreate hair brushes in your process! Once you've gathered a number of brushes you like, experiment with combining them to get various effects. For example, you may use a fine brush to create precise strands of hair and then add volume and texture with a bigger brush. You may also use various brushes to add highlights and shadows, as well as different layers and hues. To learn how to import brushes, visit our previous blog!

Mix and match Procreate hair brushes

Shading the hair can help to give the illusion of volume by making it look more three-dimensional and fuller. To achieve varying impacts, you may use a variety of shading techniques such as cross-hatching, stippling, or gradient shading.

Hair shading with Procreate hair brushes

You'll find there are many, many techniques to do this. For example, check out our video detailing another process (as a bundle with a face tutorial!)

It's important to remember that hair brushes are just one tool among many when it comes to drawing hair. Overall, there are many approaches to this process, and the ideal technique will be determined by your unique style and the aesthetic you want to accomplish. You may build your own distinct methods of drawing hair by practicing and experimenting! If you’re unsure where to start, various beginner and advanced techniques are discussed in-depth in our Procreate Masterclass where you will be given over 80 courses and lots of freebies included, be sure to check that out!

What kind of hairstyle will you be drawing next?


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