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Easy Pastel Flowers Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello, in today's tutorial we are going to use only two brushes from the Freya Realistic Gouache Brush Set! Before we begin, download all the tutorial files to your iPad. Go to your Files App and look for the zip file you just downloaded. Tap on the zip icon and it will create a new blue folder with the same name. Inside this folder, you'll find the tutorial PDF, the sketch file (.procreate format), and the swatch palette.

Since both of those files are native to Procreate, just tap on those files and they should import automatically into Procreate. You'll find the imported swatch palette in your Color Panel > Palettes.

Go to the gallery to find the new project. Lower the opacity of the sketch layer and set it to Multiply layer mode. Then lock the layer.  

Step 1: Add a new layer underneath the sketch layer. Using Freya Gouache Thin No. 6, add the base colors for the flowers. I would suggest creating a different layer for each different colored flower. So you can tweak them individually later, if you want.

Step 2: Add another layer, underneath all the flower layers. Using the same brush, draw the leaves moving outward.

Step 3: Now add a clipping mask on top of the flower base layers. Using the same brush, add some details and textures to the base colors. Use a slightly lighter to the middle of the petals to add depth.

Step 4: Add another clipping mask layer to the existing clipping masks, and add the pollen and petal veins to the petals. Then add a layer underneath all the layers and use the Freya Gouache Stamp No. 50 as a background accent. Don’t forget to turn off the sketch layer.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial! Please tag me @freya.arts if you post them on Instagram. I would love to share your work on my stories! 

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