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Gouache Cupcake Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! In today's tutorial, we are going to work on a cupcake illustration using the premium brushes from my Realistic Gouache Brush Set. Please download the tutorial files before we begin. It include the tutorial PDF, swatch palette, and sketch file for this tutorial.

Let's start by creating a 3000 x 3000-pixel canvas. Import the sketch provided in the tutorial files. Set the sketch layer to Multiply and reduce the opacity. Lock the layer so you don't accidentally draw on it.

Step 1: Add a texture layer using Freya Gouache Paper 7 in a light gray color. Set the layer to linear burn and then lock it. Place all succeeding layers underneath this layer so that the texture applies to the entire painting. Now start adding the base colors for the cupcake using Freya Gouache Thick 3 and Freya Gouache Thick 10. Use the Freya Gouache Blender 7 to blend out some of the texture from the Thick No. 10 brush.

Step 2: Continue adding the base colors for the cupcake base using Freya Gouache Thick No. 10. Use Freya Gouache Thick No. 3 and Freya Gouache Thin No. 17 to add the details. Blend with Blender No. 7. If your device can accommodate more than 10 layers, I would highly suggest making a separate base layer for each of the elements of this design.

Step 3: Now add a clipping mask layer on top of each base layer. This way you can add details to the elements without the color spilling over. Use Freya Gouache Thin 5, 6, and 7 to add shadows and highlights.

Step 4: Use Freya Gouache Tip No. 1, 3, 7, and 9 for fine details. You can also add a background element using the Freya Gouache Stamp 31.

Congratulations! You've just completed this short tutorial using the premium brushes from my Realistic Gouache Brush Set. Please don't forget to tag me in case you post it on social media. I would love to share your work in my stories!

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