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Flowers in Waffle Cone Watercolor Tutorial

Download the files here

Hello! In today's tutorial we are going to break some creative art block by combining two unrelated subjects: flowers and an ice cream cone. We'll use premium brushes from my Ultimate Watercolor Brush set.

I've included the sketch file and palette swatch for this project. Download all the tutorial files to your iPad before we begin. Go to your Files App and look for the zip file you just downloaded. Tap on the zip icon and it will create a new blue folder with the same name. Inside this folder, you'll find the tutorial PDF, the sketch file (.procreate format), and the swatch palette.

Since both of those files are native to Procreate, just tap on those files and they should import automatically into Procreate. You'll find the imported swatch palette in your Color Panel > Palettes. Go to the gallery to find the new project. Lower the opacity of the sketch layer and set it to Multiply layer mode. Then lock the layer.  

Step 1: Add a new layer underneath the sketch layer. Using the default Technical Pen, draw the outline of the cone and fill in the color. This will be your base layer.

Then add another layer on top, set it as a clipping mask on top of the base layer. Then start to color again using the Freya Wet on Wet No. 1 brush.

Step 2: Add another clipping mask layer, and this time use the the Freya Wet on Dry No. 17 brush to draw the waffle shapes. With this brush the more pressure you use, the lighter and more diluted the color starts to look. Make it darker in areas that appear to have shadows. With the Freya Blender Wash No. 7, lightly add a bit of shadow where the cones overlap to close.

Step 3: Now add another layer. Create a base layer with the Freya Wet on Wet No. 3 brush. It doesn’t have to be a specific shape, just enough to serve as a background color to fill in the gaps between petals.

Then use the Freya Wet on Dry No. 17 brush and the Freya Blender No. 7 brush to draw the petals. Remember that the No. 17 brush is pressure-sensitive. The more you add pressure, the lighter and more diluted the colors will appear.  So there’s a lot of room for variation here. Play with this a bit. It’s okay if your flowers are not exactly as it looks in my example.

Step 4: Add another layer for the Cherry. Again just using Freya Wet On Dry No. 17 and Blender No. 7, color the cherry with yellow first, then add the reds. Finally, use the green color for the stem and leaves. You can also add small flowers for added effect.

Step 5: Here are the final touches you can add to this painting. Use Freya Dry on Wet No. 10 in the middle of the flowers to define the pistil area.  Then you can use Stamp No. 16 to create a dripping effect. Stamp 22 for droplets. Don’t forget to turn off the sketch layer when you’re done.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial using the premium brushes from my Freya Ultimate Watercolor Brush Set.

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