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Pink Cookie Oil Brush Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! Welcome to this new oil brush tutorial! We'll be using the premium brushes from my Freya Oil Brush Set! Please download the files before we begin. You'll get the tutorial PDF, sketch, and palette swatch for this project.

Let us begin by creating a 3000 x 3000 px canvas at 300 DPI. Then import the sketch to serve as your reference. You can also trace over this sketch, just change the layer mode to Multiply and lower the opacity, lock it and then add another below it.

Step 1: Add a new base layer and create a circle using the default Technical Pen. Fill this shape with white. Then add a layer and set it as a clipping mask. Now paint inside the circle using Oil Wet No. 8 brush. Because you used a clipping mask, the paint will remain within the circle shape.

Step 2: Add another layer on top of the base color. Go to Actions > Canvas and turn on Drawing Guide and then tap on Edit Drawing Guide. Choose Symmetry and then under the options, choose Radial Symmetry. Make sure to turn on Assisted Drawing as well.  Once you're set, use Oil Dry No. 12 brush and draw the shadows and details around the cookies. With the Radial Symmetry on, you'll be able to draw the details much faster.

Step 3: Continue adding details to the outer part of the cookie using Oil Dry No. 12 and Oil Tip No. 2. Use a lighter shade to act as a highlight to areas you want to appear raised. Then add another clipping mask layer. This time, set the drawing guide to Vertical Symmetry. Add shadows and highlights just like before. Once you're done, turn off the sketch layer.

Step 4: Under all the layers, add another layer and use Oil Canvas No. 3 in a light grey color and lower the opacity. Then on top of all the layers, use Oil Top Coat No. 5 in a light grey color, set it to Linear Burn and then lower the opacity.  In this way, you get the beautiful canvas texture for your illustration and it looks even more like a painting.

I hope you enjoyed this free Oil Paint Brush Tutorial! Please explore the many ways you can use this set to create hyper-realistic oil paint art! With over 99 brushes, the possibilities are endless!

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