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Milkshake Gouache Procreate Tutorial (Free Brushes)

Download the files here

Welcome to another free tutorial! Before we begin, download and unpack the tutorial files. Please make sure that you're on your iPad when you do this.

Once you've downloaded it to your iPad, tap on the zip file and it will create an unzipped folder. You'll find the tutorial PDF, sketch, free brushes, and the swatch palette.

Tapping on the brush file and swatch palette should automatically import them into Procreate. Save the sketch by tapping on the file, and tapping on the send button on the top bar. Choose Save Image.

Step 1: Begin by drawing the sketch of our composition using a 6b or Peppermint brush. Or if you wish to use this as a coloring page, just lower the opacity and set the layer mode to Multiply (M). Then lock this layer. Create a layer on top of the sketch. Add the background texture using the Freya Gouache Paper No. 4. Set that layer mode to Linear Burn (LB) and lock that layer too. Then on another layer, start adding the base colors using Freya Gouache Thick No. 1 brush.

Step 2: Start building the details using Freya Gouache Thick No. 10, Freya Gouache Thick No. 1, and Freya Gouache Rolling No. 4. I would recommend using different layers for each element of your drawing so that it'll be easier to tweak later on. Add a clipping mask on top of the base layers so that your new strokes do not go pass the boundaries of your base layer. Feel free to use the smudge tool to blend and add textured strokes, but use the same brush setting for your smudge tool.

Step 3: Now add depth to your elements by creating well-placed shadows and highlights. Use Freya Gouache Thick No. 10 and Freya Gouache Thin No. 10  for this part. For the straw, add a clipping mask and then draw the red stripe as though curving around the pink straw.

Step 4: Finally add the finishing touches! Use Freya Gouache Thin No. 10 in light tapping strokes to create your sugar sprinkles.  Then use Freya Gouache Thin No. 10 to add shadows and highlights to the glass. And finish off with a background accent using Freya Gouache Thick No. 1 and Freya Gouache Rolling No. 4.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! You can find the entire set of my Realistic Gouache Brushes through this link. 😊 Happy drawing! 


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