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Yellow Tulip Oil Brush Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! In this tutorial we are going to paint a yellow tulip using only a handful of premium brushes from my Freya Oil Brush Set. If you don't have the full set, you can use any brush that you're comfortable with, although it will look a bit different.

Before you begin, please download the tutorial files, it includes the swatch palette we'll be using for this tutorial. Be sure to download the swatch file while you're on your iPad. Once it’s in your Files App, just tap on the .swatches file and it should import automatically to Procreate.

Step 1: Create a 3000 x 3000-pixel canvas. Rename the first layer as Canvas Texture. Then choose Canvas No. 9 brush and set the color to a light grey color. Swipe the texture on the layer. Now add another layer and using Paint Stamp No. 27, add a backdrop in a lilac color.

Step 2: Add 2 more layers, one for the Tulip petals and one for the stem. Using Oil Wet No. 15, paint the base shapes.

Step 3: Add a clipping mask on top of the base layers. Draw the details with the same brush. �

Step 4: Add another clipping mask layer and continue adding more details using the same brush. And as a final step, add a final layer for the Oil Topcoat No. 4 brush. Set this layer to Linear Burn so that the rest of the canvas will take on an additional texture.

And there you have it! A yellow Tulip painting using the Freya Oil Brush Set.

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