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Breakfast Plate Better Marker Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Welcome to another Better Marker Brush Tutorial. Today we'll be using the premium brushes from my Better Marker Brushset. Please download the rest of the tutorial files. You'll get the PDF version of the tutorial, swatch file, and sketches for this project.

When you're ready, let's begin! 

Step 1: Let's begin by creating a sketch of our composition using 6B or Peppermint Brush.  Let's start with the plate and cup first.

Then we can bring in the sketch for the food. Decide on how you want the plate to look. When you're ready, lower the opacity of all sketch layers, then lock them in place.

On a new layer, add the paper texture using Freya Fine Paper No.11. Then on another layer, draw the outline using Freya Calligraphy Marker No. 10. On another layer, color in the plate using Freya Dry Marker No. 10. Make the edges darker to create depth. Add another layer, use Freya Wet Marker No. 17 to color the coffee mug. Use shades of grey and light blue to create a reflective surface, while using a very light yellow to mimic the reflected color from the plate. Leave some parts white to act as highlight.

Step 2: Now create a separate solid shape layer for each food and drink element in your composition. Each object should have it's own layer so that it's easier to color later. Create the shapes and fill each shape with color. Rename each layer so that it's less confusing later on.

Let's start with the coffee. Start with the base color using Freya Wet Marker No. 3, in a very dark brown color. Add another layer, turn on the clipping mask and add some caramel-colored swirls to mimic the coffee creamer.

For the sausage, use Freya Wet Marker No. 8 and Freya Dry Marker No. 6 using a reddish-brown color and a bit of rusty orange. Basically, you want to create the base color and add some darker areas for that crisped look.

Color the cherry tomato using Freya Dry Maker No. 6. Leave one side white as highlight. You can also add highlight strokes around the plate using the same brush. Remember to paint in the correct layer.

Step 3: Now let's move on to the toast. We'll start coloring the base using a beige color, then slowly build up the darker brown color using Freya Dry Marker No. 10 and No 6. Create those strokes so it looks more natural. Don't forget to lighten the edges a bit just to highlight the shape edge.

Now let's color the egg. This is fun. Use a light beige color to add texture to the egg whites. Use Freya Wet Marker No. 17 for this. Don't cover everything, just a few swipes here and there to create depth.

Add some dark brown and orange color around the edges for that crispy sunny side up effect. For the egg yolk, use Freya Dry Marker No. 6 in a yellow and orange color. Leave some areas white as highlight. You can start adding the contrast background in another layer, using Freya Dry Marker No. 10.

Step 4: Now just add the final touches using Freya Wet Marker No. 1. You can duplicate the objects to fill up the space. Or you can also add a title using the calligraphy brushes included in the brush set.

Congratulations! You've just completed this Breakfast Plate tutorial! Please don't forget to tag me if you post your work on Instagram! I'd love to see your version!

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