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Rainbow Unicorn Cake Better Marker Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Welcome to another free tutorial lesson~ Today we'll be working on this super cute Rainbow Unicorn using the premium brushes from my Better Marker Brushset. Please download the tutorial files first before we begin. You'll get the Tutorial PDF, swatch file, and sketch files for this project.

If you're up for a challenge, let's begin!

Step 1: We'll start with the FULL CAKE SKETCH first. Draw this using the peppermint brush or a 6B brush. Lower the opacity of the sketch layer and lock it for now.

Now add a paper texture layer using Freya Fine Paper No. 4 in a light grey color. Set this under the sketch layer. Create a layer and start building the base color using Freya Wet Marker No. 20 in varying shades of cream and light peach. Add some dimension by using Freya Wet Marker No. 4 in a light brown color.

Step 2: Add another layer on top of the main cake layer and turn on the clipping mask. Start coloring the horn and ears in hues of yellow and brown to create a gold effect. Leave out some parts white to create a shiny effect. Use Freya Wet Marker 4 for this. Add some texture using Freya Calligraphy No. 1. At this point, you can also add dimension to the cake by swiping Freya Dry Marker No. 2 to give it that brushed icing look.

Step 3: This step is a little tricky. I want you to group all the layers. Rename it as FULL CAKE GROUP. Then duplicate this group and then turn off the visibility of the full cake group. We will work on the duplicated group. Flatten all the layers in the duplicate group so that it's just one image in a layer. Now using the selection too, select a portion of the cake and move it to the side. Turn off visibility for that layer for now.

Use this CUT CAKE SKETCH to draw inside details of the main cake. Lower the opacity so that you can align it with the original cake drawing. Then using Freya Dry Marker No. 5 in a light peach color, go over areas that need to look darker.

Step 4: Now for the fun part. Add another layer and using the Freya Dry Marker No. 4, start coloring the cake. Use different colors and go over the circles to make it darker. This will give the cake a spongey texture. Add another layer and draw some sprinkle and pearl candies using Freya Calligraphy Marker No. 1. You can add the background element using Freya Marker Stamp No. 36. Don't forget to turn on the visibility for the slice layer.

Great work! I know this tutorial was a little complicated. I'm glad you finished it! 

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