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Caramel Macchiato Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! In this tutorial, we will explore the different tools and settings in Procreate to help you create this yummy illustration. Please download the accompanying tutorial files, you'll get the tutorial PDF and swatch files for this tutorial. You can pause and play the video at will. The brushes used in this tutorial are all from my Procreate Masterclass Course. If you're not yet a student, you may choose to substitute the brushes from the default brush library. The result might be slightly different, but that's okay. You can be as creative with this as you want.

When you're ready, let's begin! 

Step 1: Let's begin by sketching out the mason jar. Because this object is meant to be transparent, it would be helpful to draw with a darker background. Create separate backgrounds for the background color, sketch, and base color. Use the Tamar Cloud Brush to paint the base colors.

Step 2: Use varying shades of cool and warm white for the reflected areas. Add a gray color for the refracted shadows.

Step 3: You can continue to add glass highlights using Freya Copic Fine Tip and a Round Air brush. Now add another layer for the liquid. Create a solid shape under the glass layer.

Step 4: Add an additional layer and set it as a clipping mask. Draw the different coffee flavors using a soft brush. Blend the colors well.

Step 5: Using the Liquify tool from the Adjustments Panel, swirl the colors around so that it looks like blended coffee. In another layer, add the white cream using Freya Duo Color Tip. For the caramel candy, you can use the Freya 3D Metallic Brush. Just set the primary and secondary colors. (These brushes can be found in the Masterclass 2022 freebies. Section 1 - Lesson 2.2)

I hope you enjoyed this free Procreate tutorial! If you'd like to learn more in-depth with guided projects, please check out my Procreate Masterclass Course. It's great for beginners and as a refresher course as well. The video lessons are narrated and have closed captions in 16 different languages. All the brushes and reference images will be provided. You get lifetime access to the course and all future updates. Plus you get to share your work for feedback and review in our exclusive Facebook Group, and of course support for technical questions.

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