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Christmas Cookie Decorating Tutorial for Procreate (Free Brushes)

Download the files here

In this tutorial, we are going to decorate our own Christmas cookies using sampler brushes from my upcoming Effortless Bakery Brush set. Please download the tutorial files to your iPad’s files app.

Once downloaded, go to your Downloads Folder on your Files App. Tap on the zip file and it will create an unzipped folder. From there, just tap on the .brushset file and the .swatches file and they should import automatically to Procreate.

You’ll find the brush set in your Brush Library and the Palette in your Palette’s tab inside the Color Panel.

Step 1:

Let’s start by creating a 3000 x 3000 pixel canvas. Choose the Cookie Stamp brush and set the reddish brown color. Just tap the brush on the first layer and it should create the cookie base instantly! Once you’re happy with the size, add another layer and set it as a Clipping Mask. Then shade the sides using the Gouache Thin #12 brush. Don’t shade the entire perimeter, just some areas to give it depth, it will look more 3D this way.

Step 2: Now that our base cookie is ready, add new layers for the icing.  First create a layer for the brown icing using the Royal Icing - Multicolor Brush. Set the primary and secondary colors. You’ll find them on the top right side of the color panel. After setting the primary and secondary colors, remember to tap the primary color again, so that Procreate uses that as the active color. Then practice tracing the Lettering Template. It doesn’t have to be perfectly the same, just use it as a guide. Take as much time as you need to get it just the way you like it.

Draw the brown icing as the tree trunk. Then add another layer, set the green color duo and start drawing the icing leaves from the bottom first. Make 4 levels. I drew the leaf icing downwards, but if it’s easier for you to draw with an upwards stroke, that’s okay too.  Then add another layer for the Powdered Sugar.

Step 3: Make another layer, this time for the white icing. Using the Royal Icing - Multicolor Brush, set the color duo and then draw additional white icing on top of the green icing. Just a few, so it doesn’t totally cover the green icing. Then erase the top using the default Wet Acrylic brush so that it appears to be smeared at the top. This will add a nice touch of realism to your drawing. Then add another layer on top of the brown icing layer. Set as clipping mask, and using the Royal Icing brush, draw some icing texture for the “tree trunk” icing.

Step 4: And finally, add the finishing touches. Add another layer and use the Royal Icing Multicolor brush to draw the star and ribbon. Add two more layers for the Nonpareils and Jimmies Sprinkles. And you’re done! You now have a pretty sweet Christmas Tree Cookie drawn from scratch! Wasn’t that fun?

If you enjoyed this project, feel free to change it up and personalize it! Don’t forget to tag me when you share it online. I would love to see your creativity at work!

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