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Christmas Bauble Procreate Tutorial

Download the files here

Hello! In this tutorial, we are going to use a glitter brush and explore  Procreate's tools to draw this sparkly Christmas Bauble. Please download the tutorial files first before we begin. You should find the tutorial PDF, palette swatch, and free glitter brush in the downloads folder.

When you're ready, let's begin!

Let's start by importing the sketch template. You can do this or draw from scratch, whichever you're comfortable with. You can use the Peppermint brush when sketching.

Step 1: Add a new layer and start creating closed shapes. Fill them with color.

Step 2: Now for the fun part! Add shadow and highlight to make it look more realistic. Using Freya Tamar Cloud Brush gently blend the colors so that have a textured gradient around the bauble. If you don't have the Freya Tamar Cloud, you can use Procreate's default Tamar brush.

Step 3: Now add another layer on top of the ball, and set it to clipping mask. Using the free provided in this lesson, gently stamp around the top where the highlight should be. Add some color reflection where the ball and the metal beads meet.

Step 4: Now to decorate the bauble. Add another clipping mask layer. Turn on the drawing Guide and drawing assist to help you draw a symmetrical pattern. Follow this:  Actions> Canvas> turn on Drawing Guide> edit Drawing Guide> choose Symmetry: Vertical. Use the glitter brush with the layer set to "Add" mode.

And there you have it! Congrats on finishing this tutorial! I hope you enjoyed this free Procreate tutorial! If you'd like to learn more in-depth with guided projects, please check out my Procreate Masterclass Course. It's great for beginners and as a refresher course as well.

The video lessons are narrated and have closed captions in 16 different languages. All the brushes and reference images will be provided. Plus you get to share your work for feedback and review in our exclusive Facebook Group.

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