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Monogram Brush Lettering Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! Here's a quick and easy tutorial to help you get acquainted with the new Freya Artistic Lettering Brush set! In this tutorial we will create a monogram painting, which you can personalize for print or display. Please don't forget to download the tutorial files, you'll get the tutorial PDF, lettering guide, and color palette for this project.

Step 1: Let's begin by setting up colors we'll use with the Freya Oil Lettering 5 - Multicolor Brush. When using a multicolor brush, you have to choose your primary and secondary colors in the color panel. The first color will be the dominant color.

Now draw your letter of choice. If you're not confident yet with your lettering, you can use the bonus lettering guide included in the Artistic Lettering Brush Set as your guide.

Step 2: Now let's add a shadow by duplicating the layer and adjusting its placement, place it a bit lower. Then from the adjustments tool, choose Gaussian Blur. Adjust the intensity by sliding left until you're happy with how the shadow looks.

Step 3: Now let's add depth and dimension using other colors with the same brush. Add texture using Freya Oil Lettering No. 12.

Step 4: Add some background color using Freya Oil Wet 14 Brush. I went freestyle with this but you can do something elaborate or intricate if you wish.

And finally add a texture layer on top and cover the entire layer with Freya Oil Canvas Texture Brush in a light grey color (this is also included in the Artistic Lettering Brush set). Change the layer mode to LB or Linear Burn. You'll see that your entire artwork now has this realistic canvas look.

Congratulations! You've just completed this quick monogram using my new Artistic Lettering Brush Set. tutorial! Please don't forget to tag me if you post your work on Instagram! I'd love to see your version!

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