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Star Wreath Watercolor Procreate Tutorial (Free Brushes)

Download the files here

Thank you for your interest in this Procreate Watercolor Tutorial. We'll be using the sampler brushes from the Freya Ultimate Watercolor Brush Set. Before we begin, download all the tutorial files to your Files App. Please make sure that you're on your iPad when you do this.

Tap on the zip file and it will create an unzipped folder. You'll find the tutorial PDF, sketch, free brushes, and the swatch palette. Tapping on the brush file and swatch palette should automatically import them into Procreate. Save the sketch by tapping on the file, and tapping on the send button on the top bar. Choose Save Image.

Step 1: Import the sketch from your Photos app. You can sketch the composition using a 6B or a peppermint brush. You can also choose to use the sketch as a coloring page. In this case just set the layer to Multiply and then lower the opacity of the layer. Lock the layer. Add a layer beneath the sketch, and swipe on a Freya Paper Texture Brush No. 4.  On another layer, start  adding the base colors using the Freya Wet on Dry No. 4 brush.

Step 2: Create a clipping mask and start building up colors using the Freya Wet on Wet No. 6 and Freya Wet on Dry No. 4.

Step 3: Add depth and gradation using Freya Wet on Dry No. 4 and Freya Dry on Dry No. 5 brush.

Step 4: Add the finishing touches using the Freya Dry on Dry. No. 5, and the Freya Blender Wash No. 2

Congratulations! You've just completed the Star Wreath Watercolor Tutorial using my Freya Ultimate Watercolor Brushes! Please don't forget to tag me if you post your work on Instagram! I'd love to see your version!


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