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Watercolor Bunny Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Hello! For our first tutorial for 2023, we're going to draw a unique bunny illustration using the premium brushes from my Ultimate Watercolor Brush Set! Please download the tutorial files which will include the tutorial PDF, sketch, and palette swatch for this project. If you're ready, let's begin! 

Start by importing the sketch file into Procreate. It's already set to the right size and 300 DPI. Trace the sketch with the Peppermint brush in a brown color.

Step 1: Add a layer of texture using the Freya Paper Texture Brush No. 10 in a light grey color. Set the layer to Linear Burn mode (LB) and adjust the opacity. Move this on top of all the layers. Make sure all succeeding layers are under this texture layer, so that the texture will apply to the entire canvas.

Add a new layer for each object in the composition and using the Technical pen, create shapes and fill them with white color. So one layer for the scallions, one layer for the noodles, one layer for the bowl, etc. It would be a good idea to rename each layer. Ex. Bunny Shape, Scallion Shape, Mushroom Shape, etc.

Change the background color layer to a light brown color so that the white shapes are clearly visible. Check if you missed any spots to fill.

Step 2: Now, add a clipping mask layer on top of each element and start applying base color using Freya Wet on Wet No.4 brush. Use different shades to map out the areas for highlights and shadows later. Rename your clipped layers so that they are easier to spot. Ex. Bunny Base, Scallion Base, Mushroom Base, etc.

Step 3: Add another clipping mask layer for each element for the detailing. Use Freya Wet on Dry No. 17 for the mushroom, scallions, and noodles. Use Freya Wet on Dry No. 3 to add details for the bunnies. Rename the new clipped layers appropriately. Ex. Noodle Details, Mushroom Details, etc.

Draw the design of the bowl using Freya Dry on Wet no. 5 and Freya Dry on Dry No. 7. You can change this design if you like. You can be creative about it. Rename the clipped layer too. Ex. Bowl design.

Step 4: For the finishing touches, add another layer on top and add steam using Freya Wet on Wet 6 around the noodles and the bowl.

There you have it! Congratulations! You've just completed this cute Soba and Bunny Watercolor Tutorial using my Ultimate Watercolor Brush Set! Please don't forget to tag me if you post it on your socials! I would love to see your version.

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