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Blue Hawaiian Better Marker Tutorial for Procreate

Download the files here

Welcome to another Better Marker Tutorial! Today we'll be working on this refreshing Blue Hawaiian Illustration using the premium brushes from my Freya Better Marker Brush set. Before we begin our project, please download the tutorial files which includes the tutorial PDF, swatch file and sketch.

Let's begin by sketching our composition using the 6B or Peppermint Brush.

Step 1: Add a layer and swipe on the Freya Fine Paper No. 9 Brush in a light grey color. Set this layer to Linear Burn (LB) and then lock this layer. All layers under this texture layer will then take on the same texture for an added realistic feel. Using Freya Wet Marker No. 17, start coloring the base colors in separate layers. Remember to leave some areas white to act as highlight.

Step 2: Continue building the colors using the same brush. Add gradation between colors and blend it out.

Step 3: On a different layers, color in the details for the fruits and ice cubes using Freya Wet Marker No. 4 and Freya Wet Marker No. 18

Step 4: Continue adding details with the Freya Wet Markers, in particular, try to paint the leaves in an upward fading stroke to get that fading effect. For the base, don't forget to leave some areas white and add some tinge of yellow green to add reflected colors. Use Freya Dry Marker No. 2 to bubbly texture and Freya Marker Stamps No. 19 to add backdrop.

Congratulations, you've just completed this Blue Hawaiian Illustration using the Freya Better Marker Brush Set!

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