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Drawing Prompts

Things to Draw on Procreate for Beginners

10 Simple Things To Draw On Procreate If You're A Beginner

1. Classic Rose

Every artist you meet will have a rose in their portfolio - it might be years old, but it will be there. And it’s there with good reason. Roses can be drawn in all types of art styles and forms - making them one of the best drawing ideas for practicing and improving your skills.  

With the rose watercolor tutorial, you’ll learn how to craft a beautiful rose and then how to customize it to your liking. Have fun with the colors and don’t despair if it doesn’t look perfect. You’ll likely be drawing a lot of roses during your time as an artist so you’ll master them in no time! 

2. Yummy ÉClair 

Why not create a feast for your eyes - and your hands - by drawing a yummy ÉClair? The  ÉClair tutorial will show you a simple way to draw plain and decorated delicacies that will flex your artistic muscles without straining them. 

3. Stunning Tulips

Another natural wonder great for beginners is the tulip! These stunning flowers are easy to draw on Procreate but still present a bit of a challenge when it comes to color. 

The tulip tutorial is the perfect option for beginners looking for something easy that will help improve their coloring skills. 

4. Sea Shells

A sea shell is another simple yet beautiful drawing idea for beginners. We have two amazing sea shell tutorials: a sea shell watercolor tutorial with a pretty pink hue and a sea shell oil tutorial with a majestic pearl. 

These tutorials will help you get used to Procreate’s most commonly used features and help you create beautifully blended masterpieces. 

5. Design A Handbag

The handbag tutorial is a great tutorial for beginners. It’s a friendly way to learn about shape, straight lines, and creating metal and material shine with Procreate markers. 

This tutorial is also extremely fun. You can play around with color, develop your style, and get creative with the textures and flow of the bag. 

6. Breakfast Plate

Do you feel like making your mouth water? Then give the breakfast plate tutorial a go. Perfect for beginners, this tutorial will help you create and master image depth. This is what gives the breakfast plate such delicious quality - it feels like you could reach through the paper and grab the food. It’s a must-have skill for artists because it helps avoid flat, lifeless drawings. 

You can also customize the breakfast items so that you end up with your dream breakfast! Watch the tutorial, learn the techniques, and use them to create your ideal morning feast.

7. Monogram Brush Lettering

If you’ve been practicing for a while, it might be time to step away from drawing things and instead focus on drawing letters. The monogram tutorial is an amazing introduction to lettering on Procreate. 

Monogram lettering will get you acquainted with brush lettering. Create colorful combinations and write your name, craft gorgeous letters, or create a logo for your art portfolio. 

8. Juicy Watermelon

Try your hand at drawing something on the fresher side and give the watermelon tutorial a go. This tutorial is a good place to start for beginners who want to learn how to create fresh, snappy designs that look great. 

The juicy watermelon is also an easy introduction to layering and blending colors. It will show you how to create the gorgeous depth of watermelon without having to follow a super strict guide. 

9. Crunchy Apple

Use the apple tutorial to practice creating shine. While this one is easy to draw, giving it the characteristic apple shine and crunchy quality will challenge your skills. The best part? It’s a fairly low-maintenance art piece. You can draw it over and over, improving your skills as you go. 

10. Majestic Mermaid Hair

The majestic mermaid hair tutorial is the perfect way to round off this list. If you have tried some of the above tutorials, your Procreate drawing skills have likely improved and it’s time to up your skill by giving hair a go. 

Drawing hair will help improve drawing movement and shadows while teaching you about blending. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to challenge yourself and see how far you have come in your drawing journey. 

Enhance Your Procreate Skills With Beginner-Friendly Drawing Ideas

Grow on Procreate with this beginner-friendly drawing list! Have fun, practice your art, and enhance your Procreate skills without pressure. 

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