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Drawing Prompts

Things to Draw on Procreate

It's important to take time to relax and let your creativity flow. Drawing will help you do that.

But have you ever experienced this?

You’re sitting in front of a table with all your art materials out, you’ve even put your favorite music on! You picked up your pencil, your hands are getting closer to your canvas, then it stops. What should you draw?

Beginners and experts alike share the same struggle when it comes to drawing. Sometimes, the hardest part of drawing is actually choosing what to draw!

Some people are very creative and they can just pick up a pencil and draw something amazing. But most of us need some inspiration to get started.

That’s why in this article, I’ll be giving you some ideas, resources, and tutorials on things to draw on Procreate.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

1. Draw your Favorite Flower

One of the things people love drawing is flowers. A single rose or a whole bouquet, there’s a whole lot you can choose from!

If you’re having a hard time choosing, why don’t you try your hand out at these flower painting tutorials?

Fuchsia Fairy Flower Procreate Tutorial

Carnation Procreate Tutorial

Calla Lily Procreate Tutorial

Hydrangea Procreate Tutorial

Tulip Procreate Tutorial

Bleeding Heart Procreate Tutorial

Hyacinth Procreate Tutorial

2. Draw your Spirit Animal (or favorite insect)

You’ve probably seen some tests online that say ‘What’s your spirit animal?’

If it’s something you’ve taken already, or if it’s a concept that’s familiar to you, chances are you already have an animal in mind! Either that or you just have a favorite animal.

That’s also one thing you can draw! If you haven’t decided on your favorite, here are some tutorials you can follow.

Dolphin Procreate Tutorial

Humpback Whale Procreate Tutorial

Sea Shell Procreate Tutorial

Jewel Beetle Procreate Tutorial

Orchid Mantis Procreate Tutorial

Maine Coon Cat Procreate Tutorial

3. Draw your Outfit

If you’re one of those kids who loved sketching different clothes and outfits when the class gets boring, why not draw them again?

You can look at what you’re currently wearing or you can try drawing that outfit you’ve been planning to wear for a while now.

Check out these fashion tutorials and maybe you’ll pick up some techniques along the way.

OOTD (Outfit of the day)

Handbag Procreate Tutorial

Pink Watch Procreate Tutorial

Mermaid Hair Procreate Tutorial

4. Draw Your Favorite Food

Are you craving something right now? A pizza? Cake? Maybe some comforting soup? Draw that!

You can also try going to a cafe or a restaurant, taking a photo of your order, and sketching that when you get home. A donut seems easy enough to draw, right?

If you’re head is spinning trying to pick between something easy to draw and something that’s actually tasty, just follow these tutorials instead. We don’t want you to go hungry over some illustrations!

Apple Procreate Tutorial

Macarons Procreate Tutorial

Matcha Cake Procreate Tutorial

Cherry Procreate Tutorial

ÉClair Procreate Tutorial

Rainbow Unicorn Cake Procreate Tutorial

Breakfast Plate Procreate Tutorial

You can find easy things to draw on Procreate

As you can see, there are a whole lot of things to draw on Procreate. It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

If you’re just looking for a subject to practice on, why not draw what’s in front of you? Through time, it will be easier to look for subjects to draw, especially if you’re already starting to have a favorite subject.

Whatever it is, just start working on that sketch and you’ll finish a masterpiece in no time.

Have you thought of what you’re going to draw next?


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